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We search out the highest quality and most flavorful beans from sustainable growers across the globe.

We carefully create each of our roasting recipes so that every batch of beans we roast lives up to the Royal Family name.

Royal Espresso House Blend

 FLAVOR: Dark Chocolate, Orange Peel, Honey, Almond, Grape, Cranberry, Tangerine

BODY: Medium


PROCESS: Natural

 A bright blend of coffee beans from three different regions with notes of chocolate, honey, almond, grape, cranberry and tangerine.

 El Salvador SHG El Borbollon

FLAVOR: Honey, Chocolate, Almond

BODY: Sweet, Round



Coffee Background: In El Salvador, El Borbollon coffee mill honors its long family tradition. The mill is committed to developing sustainable practices to preserve the environment. The El Borbollon is their brand of coffees that have been hand-picked at their customers' farms, where they provide agronomic support and advisory. Coffees are hand-picked to select only the ripest cherries, then separated by farm and quality at the mill. They are then pulped and naturally fermented, washed, then dried in clay patios or raised beds. After they are dry, the beans are stored in wooden silos or bags where they rest until they are hulled. Once the beans are hulled, they are washed once more before they are bagged and shipped out.

Tanzania Peaberry Zanzibar

     FLAVOR: Tangerine, Cranberry, Chocolate

      BODY: Medium

      ACIDITY: Bright, Pungent, Citric

    PROCESS: Washed

   Coffee Background: Tanzania Peaberry Zanzibar is a premium blend from high-altitude estates in Southern Tanzania (often Lunji, Utengule and Kanji Lanji Estates) and Northern Tanzania (Mondul, Burka, Ngila and Lyamungu Estates). There is a large variety of rare trees and flowers growing on the farm as well as several rivers. Surrounded by the Ngila Forest reserve in the north and foothills of Mt. Kilimanjaro in the south, this coffee is very unique. The Peaberries are a mutated bean with one small round shaped bean instead of two halves per cherry. The mutated beans are separated out in harvesting, making this a rare treat. Tanzania Peaberry displays a spice-like aroma whose taste is close to Kenyan.


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